The Lupus Gluten Connection

Have faith you can do it - Margaret Romero From Lupus to Living

Note: the Lupus Gluten Connection first appeared on Today I am healthy, vibrant and pain free, but it wasn’t always this way. A few years ago, I became afflicted with intense, severe muscle pain and joint swelling, leading to hospitalization. It wasn’t until I discovered I had a severe gluten intolerance that I was…

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Candida – Could You Have This Destructive Chronic Infection and Not Even Know It?

Complete Candida Yeast Guide Book - Margaret Romero From Lupus to Living

A few years ago, I lay in a hospital bed wishing for the daily dose of prednisone that would ease my body’s lupus-induced pain.  As gobs of prednisone streamed into my veins, the last thing on my mind was the havoc this pain-reducing medication would wreak. As I discovered, immunosuppressant drugs like prednisone can zap…

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The Effects of Caffeine on the Lupus Body

Effects of Caffeine - Herbal Tea - Margaret Romero From Lupus to Living

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to finally stop drinking coffee. I always looked forward to my daily morning ritual and the nice pick-me-up mid-afternoon treat.  I had a variety of creamers and different flavored coffees, not to mention a bailetti, espresso, and latte coffee makers, as well as a foam/froth makers.  You name…

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How a Gluten Free Lifestyle Saved My Kidneys

Basket of vegetables for gluten free living - Margaret Romero From Lupus to Living

Note: This post first appeared on Food4ThoughtNYC. As I lay in the medi-copter several years ago getting ready to be flown to another hospital, I thought back to the first day I had experienced wrist pain, which I had just ignored.  What I didn’t know at that time was how quickly this autoimmune disorder would…

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4 Tips for Rapid Hair Growth

Beautiful hair is possible - Margaret Romero From Lupus to Living

Hair is an outward sign of our health. It signifies balanced hormones, adequate nutrients and healthy diet. Especially for women, beautiful hair plays a big role in how we feel about our bodies. But what happens when your hair becomes an outward sign of your ill-health? What happens when it starts to thin, or even fall out,…

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