Positive Affirmations: The One Thing Your Body Needs Right Now to Heal

You’ve just come back from your specialist appointment – one among several – and how are you feeling? Did you receive good news or encouragement? Did you hear phrases like “You are almost there!” “You are healing beautifully.” Or, how about “You look amazing, and your lab work has improved substantially?” Or, did you hear…

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What Do You Ache For?

Every day, we experience deep desires, the kind that constantly tug at your soul. The longing. I know its there. We all have them. I remember the pain I felt the second my eyes would open each morning. My only desires at that time were to be pain free and to walk without limping. Ohhh,…

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Discouraging Lupus Ads – When Will It End?

Caution: reading this may go against everything you ever believed or were taught to believe.  You see it on a daily basis:  discouraging lupus ads about how to help find a cure. Give money. Sponsor a walk. Raise money. Spread awareness. And for as long as these ads have been around, and the millions of…

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Paleo for the Lupus Body

Paleo Recipe Chicken & Potatos

Lately, I have been on a quest to find great tasting, grain-free foods. Say what? Yes, I said grain free. Ever since I became gluten free, I began to notice that my body really doesn’t like grains. I would feel a slight muscle ache as if I had lifted heavy weights the day before, even…

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5 Tips to Alleviate Your Lupus Joint Pain

Joint pain is one of the most common symptoms of lupus. It can move between different joints or remain isolated to one or many joints at a time. For me, the pain began in my right wrist,  it would resolve and move to another joint a day later. As things quickly worsened, the pain remained…

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