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Ten Things You Can Do to Create Vitality Despite Lupus



Girlfriend, so you just got diagnosed with lupus?

These are the five most important things you need to start doing today! It'll help decrease your inflammation and pain because we don't have time for all that!


Do you suffer from...
Low libido?
Hot flashes?
Painful sex?
Weight gain?
Erratic moods?

We can attend to all of these issues and more.

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Want to overcome your worst lupus symptoms and finally get your life back? My new book,
"From Flare to Fabulous: 25 Things You Must Do to Avoid Your Next Lupus Flare"
will guide you there.



Femme Med is a women's health and wellness sanctuary in New York City.
We look forward to supporting you in your journey toward holistic health.
Our goal is for you to leave feeling nurtured, supported, and rejuvenated.

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