5 Ways to Not Get The Flu This Season

It’s flu season people and there is so much hype about the strain this year. Here are a few tips to have you avoid coming down with the flu. I get asked if I get the flu shot and the answer is no. It may be appropriate for those who are elderly or who are easily susceptible…

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5 Surprising Signs You May Have a Hidden Vitamin Deficiencies

Have you ever thought or paid enough attention to the signs your body may be telling you? Simple, everyday signs that you may not even think are an issue may in fact be a vitamin deficiency.  Here are 5 More Signs and Symptoms That You May Have a Vitamin Deficiency: 1. Vitamin D Deficiency: Do you have…

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7 Tips to Help You Avoid Getting Sick This Winter

Washing Hands - From Lupus to Living Margaret Romero NP

Everyday we are bombarded with exposure to viruses and bacteria. It can be on the subway, surrounded by sick co-workers, or even sitting near someone at a restaurant or salon. The most common place is traveling and flying.  Especially if you are on prednisone, your immunity is lowered purposefully but can leave you prone to…

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5 Tips to Alleviate Your Lupus Joint Pain

Joint pain is one of the most common symptoms of lupus. It can move between different joints or remain isolated to one or many joints at a time. For me, the pain began in my right wrist,  it would resolve and move to another joint a day later. As things quickly worsened, the pain remained…

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5 Signs That You May Have a Vitamin Deficiency

Vitamin D Deficiency - From Lupus to Living Margaret Romero

Are you someone who feels you get enough vitamins from your diet and don’t need to take any extras? Well here are five clues that you may be suffering from a vitamin deficiency. 1. You feel sluggish or are easily winded This may indicate iron deficiency anemia. Many women struggle with this. It can be…

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