This week I am talking about three supplements for women with Lupus. It wasn't easy to only pick three so I picked four! These four are crucial for big reasons that can alleviate common symptoms of autoimmunity. Listen in and if you have any questions, let me know! Follow me on Instagram. Subscribe to the podcast on: Apple Podcasts / Stitcher / Google Play ...
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On today's show, Amylee Amos, MS, RDN, IFMCP is here. She is the Founder of the Amos Institute, a Registered Dietician, and Nutritionist. Research studies show that 2/3 of women are affected by Alzheimer's and the numbers are only growing. Dr. Amos discusses what causes this cognitive impairment and the ways to reverse them. We discuss which foods are beneficial and which ones to stay away from. She also discusses which tests can reveal if someone is at a higher risk, as well as, the ...
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As an NP at urgent care, I believe that there will still be a large number of flu cases this year along with a heightened fear of COVID-19, and rightfully so. Today's episode is how to prepare your body and put your mind at ease knowing that you've done everything you can. I also discuss other major factors that contribute to low immunity. This is where I get all my supplements and have a protocol with all the necessary supplements. If you'd like to purchase, ...
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We are talking about how hypnosis and essential oils can help with trauma and life transitions. My guest, Barbara Dooley, has been a hypnotist for over a decade and has helped women through major life transitions. We discussed:
  • How your intuition is your innate wisdom
  • Which essential oils can be used to assist during hypnosis
  • Why women don't always rely on their intuition
  • How to start listening to your intuition
  • How play is a tool for transitions
About Barbara Dooley: Certified in 2008 ...
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If you’ve been suffering from an autoimmune condition, have inflammation, thyroid, and/or digestive issues, brain fog and so many other health issues related to gluten sensitivity, this episode is for you! I am sharing easy tips for being gluten-free. Be sure to check the show notes for my accompanying guide with additional tips and information on being gluten-free. Links: Download The Easy Tips for Gluten-Free PDF Subscribe to the podcast on: Apple Podcasts / Stitcher / Google Play ...
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Johanna Dahlman, the Alopecia Angel, is with us today. Just in case you didn't know, alopecia can be an autoimmune condition. Johanna Dahlman is an entrepreneur that dedicates her efforts to health and wellness, proactively engaging in activities that help others’ become their best! Her journey with alopecia and remarkable recovery is inspiring! You will learn her steps to reversing major hair loss, including the foods she ate and which ones she stayed away from. Johanna Dahlman: Johanna Dahlman is an entrepreneur that dedicates her ...
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