Who Do You Turn To?



While commuting home one day from Grand Central Terminal, I glanced over to another train that was headed in the same direction. I happened to notice the depth of facial expressions on those commuter’s faces. Some were sad, some were busy on their phones or computers, and others were in mid-conversation. The ones deep in thought caught my attention. I wondered what their struggles, fears, and worries consisted of. I could see their minds churning out strategies, planning, or just feeling defeated.

Sitting on a train without distraction allows for one to ruminate over their lives. The frenetic energy of NYC creates distraction but once in silence, in a warm train car, you are left with your own thoughts. Our minds can so easily take tiny worries and make them into huge, monstrous issues. There is a great book that questions those thoughts by Byron Katie, Loving What Is. There are 4 questions to get to the bottom of your worries, http://www.thework.com/thework-4questions.php.

We all have our own struggles, but it’s how we deal and perceive them that can set us apart from others. Who do you turn to for help when you feel overwhelm? Who can you call to get things off your chest? Who is that someone that hugs you in the midst of your grief or health challenges?

It’s hard for most of us to ask for help, to reach out to someone when we are in need. I can be very stoic at times and can easily keep it all in and “deal with it on my own”. But that just creates inner turmoil and can affect our health. Talking about it or crying it out allows the emotions to flow through you instead of staying trapped within, festering. Some may hire a therapist while another calls a girlfriend or sister. We all deal with our issues differently but ultimately we need to release them for our health’s sake.

I want to know what your current health struggles, concerns, or challenges are today. How do you deal with them? How can I be of service to you? What programs, workshops or blog posts would you like to see?

I bow to you, my fierce readers, for being strong in the midst of your struggles. But when you are not, how can I hold you hand and lead you to a better life and get you to your next health goal?

Much love,