213: Preparing for a Healthy Baby From Preconception to Postpartum

This interview was gold! Sarah is full of wisdom and shared it all on this episode!

We discussed:
• The best foods to eat for preconception
• Which vitamins are essential for conception
• Learn which vitamin deficiencies can be detrimental
• What causes postpartum depression (it’s not just one thing!)
• And so much more!

About Sarah Thompson

Sarah Thompson, L.Ac., CFMP, Doula, is the author of “Functional Maternity – Using functional medicine and nutrition to improve birth outcomes”.

She is a certified functional medicine practitioner, board-certified acupuncturist and herbalist, birth doula, and educator with a passion for pregnancy care. She is also known as a leader in the practice and education of maternity functional medicine. Sarah brings together evidence-based research in prenatal and maternity nutrition. Sarah’s clinical experience spans nearly 20 years. When she isn’t writing, lecturing, mentoring, or seeing patients in her private practice, she can be found on her small Colorado farm with her husband, two daughters, chickens, miniature cows, dogs, cats, and gardens.

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