5 Tips for Preparing the Body for a Future Pregnancy

Pregnancy PreparationI rarely talk about my personal life so I wanted to share some exciting news! I got engaged! It has been a whirlwind romance and we are considering a fall wedding.

With this big news comes talk of having a baby. So I began researching the latest in prepping my body for conception in a year.

This is what I have found and begun implementing in terms of pregnancy preparation.

Check Your Progesterone Levels

Also known as the pro-gestational hormone, this is critical to keeping the placenta functioning and the uterine thick and healthy.  Check this level on day 21 of your menstrual cycle.  Compounded progesterone may be necessary to help raise levels. A sign of low progesterone is spotting and mood changes. Progesterone is a very calming hormone.

Take Folic Acid Supplements

Great supplement during child bearing years, while prepping your body before pregnancy, and during, this vitamin is crucial to avoid brain and spinal defects in your baby. These levels can also be checked in the blood. At least 1mg per day is essential.

Eat Healthy Fats Like Avocados

The main source of omega 3s are fatty fish, eggs, nuts, seeds, sea vegetables, and green leafy vegetables like spinach, broccoli, cabbage, collards, and kale oils. Flaxseed, macadamia nut, and hempseed oils are also good sources.  Omega 3s helps to reduce inflammation, reduce pre-term labor, assists in development of the brain, and reduces risk of autism.

Get Off Birth Control

Your uterine lining needs to build back to being thick and lush to feed your baby.  The majority of women on birth control barely get a period. So give your body  enough time to regain that lining.

Discuss Your Medications With Your Specialist

Some medications are not safe during pregnancy. If it needs to be weaned, this will take some time as well. Discuss your thoughts about pregnancy with your specialist early in the planning process and learn about any possible risks.

Keep Track of Your Cycles and Ovulation Timing

Pregnancy PreparationYou can find apps that help track your cycles to let you know about your most fertile times. It is crucial to know exactly when you are ovulating.

Checking your temperature under your tongue first thing in the morning along with vaginal secretions are both clear signs.

The most fertile times are 2 days before ovulation.  A rise in temperature just after you ovulate with or without pelvic cramping (called Mittelschmerz) are also some other signs. You can also buy over the counter ovulation kits.

Any Advice for Me?

I’d love to hear how you have prepped your body for pregnancy! Please share your experiences in the comments below, and watch for part 2 of this series in the coming weeks.