Positive Affirmations: The One Thing Your Body Needs Right Now to Heal

5.1.14 - Margaret Romero Photo 1You’ve just come back from your specialist appointment – one among several – and how are you feeling? Did you receive good news or encouragement? Did you hear phrases like “You are almost there!” “You are healing beautifully.” Or, how about “You look amazing, and your lab work has improved substantially?”

Or, did you hear that you need to be admitted to the hospital, that your levels or kidney functions are on the rise and you will need dialysis? Were you told, “More testing needs to be done” or “We need to refer you to another specialist.” These can leave anyone feeling defeated and worn down even more.

And I’ll bet that none of the bad news was followed up with positive affirmations like “Don’t worry, you will be better in no time,” “Once we switch your medication you will feel so much better”, or “Eventually you will be off this medication and be back to your normal self”.

Negative Thoughts Affect Your Health

You may or may not realize this, but your cells are eavesdropping on your thoughts. Those repetitive negative thoughts are a vicious cycle. The more you take in every.single.word that your doctor tells you has an impact on your health. Once you relinquish all of your power and place it in the hands of others – healers, practitioners, and specialists – you give up on your own ability to heal.

For me, I don’t allow negative talk to be spoken in my office. Ever. I don’t care if my patient’s lab work is not perfect. Most of these abnormalities can be reversed over time. I prefer to instill positive focus and allow that to seep into their cells. Encouragement, empathy, and authentic assurance are vital to my patients’ health. It’s not all about the medication.

Your Body Can Heal on Its Own

5.1.14 - Margaret Romero Photo 3We all know that our bodies have the ability to heal on its own. Yes, medication is important and vital during periods of crisis. But your body also must be given the appropriate tools to allow healing to occur. So if a body is deficient, depleted, and malnourished, it cannot heal on its own.

That’s when integrative medicine comes in. Blood work can reveal so much. But, the key to using blood work effectively is knowing which hormones and vitamins can and should checked, and rarely are. Checking your hormone and vitamin deficiencies can answer so many questions about what your body is doing, and why. And, nutritional deficiencies can so easily be reversed with profound positive changes.

Discovering Where the Lack of Health Truly Lies

I truly loathe the phrases “chronic,” “no cure,” and “you will always have pain.” My belief is that positive thinking and inner knowledge of your vitality are key to your health. So is discovering where the lack of health truly lies. Is your body receiving the whole foods it needs? Are there food allergies you need to address? How much has prednisone impacted your adrenals and hormones?

These are enormous questions that can and are frequently ignored in favor of prescribing stronger and stronger medications. This is where I am fierce about not only creating a healthy inner environment so you can heal at a deep level, but also in guiding your thinking to a more healthier and positive attitude.

Take Your Health Into Your Own Hands

I know how easy it is to spiral down a dark hole of hopelessness and allow depression to flood in. Yes, I have been there.

So the next time you are with your specialist, request a nutritional blood profile and hormone panel. I realize you cannot change their language or attitude, but you can find a more compassionate and positive practitioner. I fired my specialists years ago. I did find a kinder doctor. Interview them before accepting them as part of your team.

Over to You

What do you do to turn negative thoughts to positive ones? Do you surround yourself with friends and family that root for you? Notice how much negativity flood your thoughts daily, especially the second you wake up in the morning. You do have control over your thoughts.

Until next time,