007: The One Thing You Need To Meet Your Next Love Partner with Veronica Grant

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In this week’s episode of The Sacred Medicine Podcast, I speak with Veronica Grant, a dating mindset coach. She is also the host Date Yourself Radio. Veronica helps women enjoy the process of dating, but what she really loves to do is teach women how to treat themselves better. Many questions I had, as a single woman, were answered in this episode too. This was such an amazing conversation!

In this episode, we jam on:

  • The one thing that will attract the right partner
  • Red flags in the dating world
  • What to do if he (or she) texts endlessly without an invitation for an actual date
  • How to avoid one date wonders
  • Why you are not successful in love but a bad-ass in business
  • How to attract your next partner
  • How to end a dead-end relationship
  • Learn how to turn breakups into breakthroughs

About Veronica Grant:
Veronica is a Dating Mindset Coach, host of Date Yourself Radio, and creator of the Dating Mindset Bootcamp. She helps smart, savvy women attract the right relationship. 

On the surface, Veronica helps women enjoy the process of dating + meeting higher quality men. But what she REALLY loves to do is teach women how to treat themselves the way they want to be treated.

When she’s not writing about herself in third person, you can find her indulging in (probably) too much HGTV, planning her next adventure, or spending quality time with her partner + puppy. To learn more, and join the next free Date Yourself Challenge, head over to www.veronicagrant.com.

You Can Find Veronica Here:
Date Yourself Radio
Veronicagrant.com: While there, Grab Your Free Copy of 37 Ways to Date Yourself


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