058: Creating Intimate Connections Even During a One Night Stand with Christina and Stephanie from T&A Talk Sex Podcast

The conversation in this week’s episode of The Sacred Medicine Podcast could have easily been all about sex and c extremely raunchy. However, the topic that kept coming up was one many women often complain about –  lack of connection between the sheets. Christina and Stephanie from the T&A Talk Sex Podcast join me this week to dish on all things sex, sensual, being vulnerable, connecting with your partner and more!

We jammed on:

  • The importance of vulnerability
  • How to use the power of seduction to create connection
  • Ways to develop a sense of depth during sexual intimacy
  • What is Cuddle work and what men crave
  • Ways to bring more touch into  your life and stop feeling so hungry for it

About Christina Hepburn:
Christina Hepburn, aka ‘T’ of T&A, is the jokester of this duo, but equally curious about the world and how a developed sexuality can center us as humans. She is also a professional cuddlist – book a cuddle session with her today! She is an actress, standup comic, graduate of Columbia University, and Co-Creator of the web series ‘AutoCorrect F*ck You’ (ACFU). @chrihepburn

About Stephanie Allen:
Stephanie Allen, aka ‘A’,  is the sage of this dynamic collaboration.  She has her B.S. in Psychology and spent seven years as a sensual bodyworker mastering the art of erotic massage and male-female connection.  Her work centers around sensuality, femininity and teaching men and women how to heal the rift at home through inhabiting the power of their male-female polarity in a healthy and equal way.  She also dances Argentine Tango, Salsa, Bachata and speaks french.  You can find her courses and transformational mentorship programs at www.stephanieallen.com

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