048: Rising Up and Inspiring Teens with Jessica Castro

What a fun conversation with Jessica Castro! You may recognize her from the docuseries, Married at First Sight, Season 2. We laughed about what’s up in her current love life and her worst dating experience. We also talked about how her experience has given her a platform to serve as an inspiration to thousands of teens and young women.

We talked about so many topics including:

  • The breakup and her experience on the show
  • What she is doing now for teens and young women
  • How she has used her experience to becoming an inspirational speaker

About Jessica Castro:
Jessica started her career in the entertainment industry at the young age of 17 where she competed for the crown of Miss Virginia. Competing in the competition gave Jessica the drive and determination to pursue a career in modeling, after the competition Jessica moved on to model for designers, walk the runway for fashion shows, and appeared in magazines such as Latina Magazine.

In early 2015, Jessica landed a role as a reality TV bride. She was the first Latina to appear on a docuseries. The show detailed her marriage journey; which included some tumultuous moments with her now ex-husband resulting in Jessica finding the courage to speak her mind and motivate other women who have been in a similar situation. This experience gave her the platform to serve as an inspiration to thousands via her social media channels. She is very passionate about her Latin roots. She is also very dedicated to speaking to women on empowerment and domestic abuse

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