041: Getting Clarity and Having Courage with Rachael Webb

Being courageous is not an easy thing. I definitely encountered some resistance in my life, even when I was launching this podcast. Today’s guest, Rachael Webb, an internationally known Spiritual Business Advisor and Sound Healer, shines a light on getting clear and moving ahead courageously.

We jammed on:

  • How to make a decision between two great options
  • Making empowered decisions
  • Learn how to gain clarity in what you do
  • The energetics of social media
  • How to start your day
  • How to create boundaries

About Rachael Webb:
Rachael Webb is an internationally known Spiritual Business Advisor and Sound Healer. Her sacred songs of awakening activate the remembrance of hidden wisdom, gifts, and talents we carry from past or parallel lifetimes. Rachael has a special gift for seeing the latent potential in someone and providing the most appropriate experience to activate this potential. She is passionate about empowering those who have come to create innovative solutions during this time of shift on our planet. Her work with creatives & entrepreneurs allows them to find the clarity and the courage to share their gifts in a way that is both authentic and profitable. She believes in the power of community to create social change, and helps her clients to increase their influence through social media. Rachael is a Certified Heart Math Mentor, clairsentient Lemurian Priestess, a Doctor of Metaphysics, with a Masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and a Global Coherence Ambassador for the Institute of Heart Math. You can follow her daily posts on Instagram, and learn more about her magical work at SoulStarMedicine.com

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