039: Building an Epic Partnership with Andy Drish

Ep 39 - Andy Drish

Want to know what it takes to create an epic partnership? I had such an astounding conversation with Andy Drish, the co-founder of The Foundation which teaches entrepreneurs how to start and scale software businesses. When he is not working, he has a profound way of looking at relationships and expressing love. Woah, I’m still swooning! He’s implanted such a beautiful vision of what a partnership could be, definitely something I would love to incorporate into my next relationship. It’s so refreshing to have a man want, on such a deep level, to create such richness in his partnership with his beloved.

We jammed on:

  • The key to a conscious relationship
  • Who his mentors were and how he came to create such depth in his relationship
  • Learn the biggest reasons couples don’t succeed
  • His daily, weekly and quarterly rituals (you may want to light some candles, lower the lights and have a glass of wine when you listen to these!)
  • How a woman lead her partner
  • His advice for single women and what men need

About Andy Drish:
Andy started digging ditches with his father at age 14, working construction in a small town in Iowa…learning to value hard work and education early in life. With lots of trial and error, he built and sold his first company at age 26. Realizing entrepreneurship has the power to change the world, Andy co-founded The Foundation with Dane Maxwell in 2012. The Foundation teaches entrepreneurs how to start and scale software businesses from scratch, even if they have no experience in software. The Foundation is a global entrepreneurial education company that has helped entrepreneurs from over 45 countries start businesses from nothing by focusing on the deep inner game of entrepreneurship. Andy believes the world is a better place with more entrepreneurs in it, and he envisions a world where anyone who wants to start a business, has access to the right tools, resources, and community support to do so.

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Andy provided some questions to ask your partner in order help you build an epic relationship:

  •  One thing that would make our relationship even more powerful is if we committed to…
  •  When I dream without limits, in one year I’d like to…
  •  What turns me on most about you lately is…
  •  What turns me off most about you lately is…
  •  What I really want, but I’m afraid to admit is…
  •  What I see in the next version of you is…
  •  Where I’ve experienced you as most powerful lately is…
  •  If I could grant you one wish for anything in the world, it would be…. (This might end up being more than 1 thing) 
  •  Is there anything you want to be free of? 
  •  What experiences would you want to have?
  •  What would piss you off if you didn’t achieve it? 
  •  What skills do you want to grow?  

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