015: Keeping it Together: Health, Business, & Motherhood with Melissa Wood

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Melissa Wood, a health and wellness coach, is the epitome of a fitness maven. As a new mother, she maintains daily juicing, workouts, and runs her business. I just had to know how she manages and does it all!

In this episode we jam about:

  • How she starts her day with a baby
  • Healthy meal planning with a child
  • Learn about her workout schedule as a busy mom/model
  • Learn about her self-care practices
  • How she manages to sleep 7-8 hrs a night
  • The one thing she does daily to get through the day

About Melissa Wood:

Working as a health and wellness coach has given me the incomparable experience of discovering my truth, through helping women reveal their truest selves.  My devotion to practicing plant-based nutrition and mindful meditations allows me to help women achieve life- altering shifts. I am passionate about creating a comfortable space for women to let go of negative self-talk and in turn open up to positive, new ways of being. I encourage women to step into their power through the mind, body and soul connection. My work explores plant based nutrition, integrating movement in daily life and practicing self- compassion to accomplish personal growth.  

Here is where you can find Melissa:  

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