070: How to Be An Embodied Sensual Woman with Jenna Ward

This week, Jenna Ward, Feminine Embodiment Coach & Founder of the School of Embodied Arts, joins me on the podcast. I love what Jenna does for women! In fact, we do similar work. Jenna started out as a hospital pharmacist. And, now she guides women to embody their feminine spirit. She is doing such powerful work in this world. I knew I needed to have her on the show!

We jammed on:

  • How she went from pharmacist to Feminine Embodiment Coach
  • How to tap into your intuition
  • Learn a few ways to embrace your true feminine nature
  • How Jenna starts her day and learn some of her beautiful rituals
  • Different ways to drop into your sensual self

About Jenna Ward
Feminine Embodiment Coach & Founder of the School of Embodied Arts, Jenna Ward lives between Australia’s Sunshine Coast & Europe. As an ex-pharmacist turned embodied woman Jenna intimately understand what it’s like to live life feeling dis-connected & dis-embodied. Through her own personal experience & guiding hundreds of women back into their body, Jenna equally knows what’s required to get out of your head, feel empowered by your emotions & claiming your sensual power. Together with an international community of women the School of Embodied Arts is redefining what it means to be fueled by the feminine. To find out more about Jenna’s work and the magic of embodiment visit www.jennaward.co


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