065: Embracing The Sacred Feminine with Marcela Veron

Marcela Veron joins me on the podcast. This beautiful, intuitive woman shares her love of helping women tap into their feminine nature. She is not only a priestess, she is a Sacred Feminine Healing Arts Practitioner, Mentor & Intuitive, and Essence & Embodiment Coach. She is also an interior alchemist and personal design lifestyle consultant. She is just doing so many amazing things! It was almost serendipitous that I found Marcela during a web search. When I did, I knew I had to have her on the show. I love her message and share her passion in helping women step out of the masculine energy which can damage our bodies long term. We talk all about helping women bring forward and embrace their innate sacred feminine.

We jammed on:

  • What does Sacred Feminine really mean?
  • Tools on how to embrace and connect to the feminine
  • Importance of having sacred feminine as a strong and powerful part of us
  • Connecting to the deep wisdom within
  • Allowing ourselves to be supported
  • Soul partnerships, healing your heart and self-love

About Marcela Veron
Marcela Liliana Veron is a Sacred Feminine Healing Arts Practitioner, Mentor & Intuitive, and Essence & Embodiment Coach for women who want to express their inner beauty, deepen their inner relationship to their essence, expand love and intimacy, and have the soul partnership they truly desire. Marcela helps women connect fully to their feminine magic. With a Master’s degree in Women’s Spirituality and Creative Expression, she has an advanced breadth of knowledge in Priestessing. She is also a licensed The Art of Feminine Presence® Facilitator, certified in Feminine Spirituality Leadership, Vibrational Medicine and Feng Shui Practitioner. She is an Intuitive, Hand Analyst, Face Reader and Tarot Practitioner.

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