Margaret Romero, a Columbia-trained Functional Medicine Nurse Practitioner and founder of Rise Above Lupus, FemmeMED and The Sacred Medicine Podcast.

The Sacred Medicine Podcast grew from what I believed was missing from women's lives. After diagnosing women time and time again with depleted adrenals, hormone imbalances and chronic illness, it became clear to me that what was missing was a combination of a healthy lifestyle through nutrition and vitamin supplementation but also in connecting mind, body and spirit. Because we aren't machines, taught by the patriarchy to overwork, we are women.

I've seen too many women disconnect from their bodies, and become so depleted and see it in their lack of self-care and joy in their lives,

Join me in exploring the realm of sacred self-devotion as a lifestyle. When we embrace our divine feminine in all areas of our lives, we ultimately impact our health and wellbeing.



This Sacred Medicine podcast weaves together powerful soulful practices with functional medicine to bring deep healing and transformation.

This podcast will not only explore all areas of functional medicine, such as autoimmunity, nutrition, and food (I love to cook!), but also our softer feminine side. How do we nourish her?