204: Why Traditional Treatments for Lupus and Other Autoimmune Diseases Aren’t Working with Margaret Romero

Today I’m excited to share with you an interview I did recently with Dr. Tabatha Barber where I share my personal story of being diagnosed with lupus, overcoming it, and getting it under control.
In this podcast, we talked about…

• Why you should stop worrying about getting a diagnosis and start getting to the root of the problem.
• What it’s like to work with Margaret
• What two foods are essential to leave out of your diet if you suspect or know that you have autoimmune conditions.
• The secret hidden puzzle piece that might be affecting your health and keeping you from feeling better.
• Why the suggested ranges on tests might not mean that you are in the normal range for your body.
• The Vitamin that Margaret tests for and starts patients on right away if she suspects that they have an autoimmune disease.

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