My Shocking Detox Experience

Hi friends,

Here is my shocking experience of the 10 Day Detox Diet that I wanted to share with you, my nonjudgmental readers.

I was so embarrassingly mortified how much I craved sugar, it was like taking ice cream from a child…literally.

Hardest part…refraining from some form of pastry, a donut, or a red velvet Sprinkles cupcake with chocolate frosting…

I almost caved, 12 hours in, I was ready to throw in the towel. I became a mini tyrant to my beloved fiancé who suggested a late afternoon romantic stroll over the Brooklyn Bridge. But all I could think about was why bother, we wouldn’t be able to eat a thing, enjoy a gelato, or an italian ice, an appetizer or watch the sunset with a martini. What torture. Subsequently, we never went.

Actually, we hardly did anything. We couldn’t. Or at least I thought, how could we go out and not eat or drink anything?

Wow, shocker!

I began to realize that my life revolved around food. You know that I just looooove to cook, always dreaming up recipes, easily picking up new ideas from the Food Network, not needing exact measurements which to me is a normal day in the life of Margaret. But this was at a different level.

When I deciding to do this diet, I thought I had this down, easy peasy. Not at all. I’m not a candy addict nor do I crave heavy carbs like pasta or bread anymore. The first 2 days were the toughest and I almost quit after 12 hours, I’m not even joking!

It got a bit better after day 3. But once those 10 days were over, I realized that I don’t really need that donut. I was going through a sugar withdrawl.  I can now see the benefits. I’m a few pounds lighter, skin clearer and noticeably more energetic. I’ve been able to consistently get up extra early to get to the gym.

Here is a picture of me at a recent picnic at New York Philharmonic in Central Park. Clearly I’m very happy with a plate full of food in my hand, almost glowing. This was before the Detox Diet.


That’s a gluten free pasta with cherry tomatoes, olives, basil, olive oil, lemon juice and seasoning. We also had some spicy hummus to go with those rice crackers.

So if you didn’t or don’t think you have a sugar addiction, even a mild one, I challenge you to this 10 Day Detox Diet by Dr. Mark Hyman. It may just blow your mind!

I highly recommend it!  The changes I’ve made since then have been so valuable in helping to curb my sugar cravings!

Have you ever done a detox diet and lived to tell about it, share your experiences, I’d love to hear!