My Breast Scare


What would you do the day you suddenly feel a breast lump? Ignore it, make an appointment to see your GYN, keep checking and rechecking, or sink into depression or panic?

Well, the day I found this lump on my left breast, I panicked. I kept examining the area repeatedly.  I had felt something very similar years ago and had a painful mammogram and didn’t want to repeat that experience, which turned out to be fibrous tissue.  So rather than endure another painful test, I decided on thermography.  It is non-invasive, painless, and without the radiation. It uses infrared imaging, which can detect breast cancers using temperature variations related to blood flow along with abnormal patterns associated with the progression of tumors. It has the ability to detect physiologic changes in a cancer while still in the cellular phase—sometimes years before it is detectable mammographically. Thermography can also detect lymphatic congestion and hormonal imbalances as well as monitor dietary changes. It can assess breast cancer risk, which is something mammography cannot do. In short, thermography is a tool to monitor breast health, not just a way to find disease.

So off I went to a thermography center in NYC run by a nurse practitioner, a Columbia grad, my alma mater. My first thermogram was slightly suspicious and I was to return in 3 months for a follow-up. There was some lymphatic congestion seen as well as a cyst. So I booked a lymphatic drainage massage and began my 3 months of focused love and  extra care for my “girls”. I bought some breast essential oils and started a nightly ritual during my application with meditation. I also released some unnecessary stress from my life, which was huge.

3 months later, I was a bit nervous for my follow-up exam. The results showed much improvement and she asked what I had done to reverse the findings. I told her the things I had done daily. She nodded in approval.

4 Things You Can Do Today To Nurture Your Beautiful Breasts:

  • Vitamin D- Optimal levels should be at 50g/ml, it will decrease risk of breast cancer
  • Take off those tight fitting bras- it can interfere with lymph flow, making it harder to detoxify your breasts
  • Movement and exercise- women who exercise have a 30 percent decreased risk of breast cancer
  • Massage- the entire area including the armpits, it increases blood flow and releases toxins.

Our breasts are a symbol of nurturing. When we are driven and give and give and give, we become depleted. We need acts of self care for ourselves to fill us up so we can give from a copious place.

Deciding on whether or not to try thermography is your choice. Does it resonate with you? For me, it was the right choice.  I continue to use the breast essential oil nightly, massage, and will have a yearly thermogram. And let’s not forget my monthly self breast exam.

Have you ever heard of thermography? Have you ever wanted to check the health of your breasts but were too scared to get a mammogram or did not want radiation exposure? I’d love to hear your experience.

And start loving up your girls!