004: Manifesting Through Orgasm with Amber Leitz

Manifesting Through Orgasm

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This week, Sacred Sexuality Coach, Amber Leitz, joins me. Amber helps women remember that they are deeply erotic by nature, and helps them reclaim the power and pleasure of their sexuality. Not only does Amber exude erotic confidence, she can easily tap into that power during her daily rituals. I loved getting to know her process of manifesting and her love of the jade egg!

This interview is not to be missed, if you desire more erotic time in your life and how to make space for it. Delicious interview! Enjoy!

In this episode we jam about:

  • The jade egg, learn how and when to use it
  • Womb love yoni exercise
  • Self-intimacy practices
  • Cultivating and infusing sacred space daily
  • Learn about manifesting through orgasm
  • The energy of allowing and receiving
  • Her amazing moon rituals (gorgeous!) and love spells

About Amber Leitz:
Amber Leitz is a Sensuality, Embodiment, and Sacred Sexuality Coach for women who feel disconnected from their bodies and desire to cultivate deep self-love from within so they can fully awaken their sensuality, embody their pleasure, and find erotic ecstasy in their bodies. She empowers women to come together and literally create magic and beauty in the world around them–usually with red wine, chocolate, and rose petals involved. Her love of sacred rituals, ecstatic pleasure, and the divine feminine has allowed her to step into her full self as a sensually embodied, erotic woman and bring that passion into her offerings.

You can find Amber here:

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