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Are you sick of recurrent lupus flares?

From Flare to Fabulous:
25 Things You Must Do to Avoid Your Next Lupus Flare


Take a walk with me as I go deeper into my personal journey when I was first diagnosed with multi-organ involvement lupus nephritis. Through the use of functional medicine, I was able to find the root cause of my autoimmunity. These 25 things were compiled after over a decade of thriving with energy and zero pain.

My story begins with my inability to walk due to severe pain, multiple hospitalizations, blood transfusions, hair falling out, and 30 pounds of weight gain.

Life with lupus doesn't have to be this way and I want to share all of the things I do and have done for years to maintain a pain-free life. What have you not experienced, where have you not traveled to due to the pain and fatigue or being in a flare? What has lupus prevented you from doing?

It’s time to take your life back.

Margaret A. Romero NP is a Columbia-trained Functional Medicine Nurse Practitioner. She utilizes functional medicine to treat chronic illness, autoimmune conditions, and women’s health issues. She's been a clinical instructor and taught functional/integrative medicine at Columbia University. Ms. Romero is the host of The Sacred Medicine Podcast and has a virtual practice.