012: Embodying Your Sensual Animal with Nadia Munla

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This week on the podcast my guest is Nadia Munla, the creator of the The Embody Festival. She is also a health and sensuality coach, guiding women to sensual nourishment. Fantastic! I first met Nadia when she performed on stage at an event called Captivate and I was immediately drawn to her energy. Nadia leads an embodiment dance class in NYC, which I also had the pleasure of experiencing firsthand and loved!

During our interview we jammed on:  

  • How her sensual journey began
  • How she taps into her feminine flow  
  • Transforming your workout routine to flow with your cycle
  • New super power for men and women
  • Learn about Nadia’s morning rituals
  • How she embodies and connects to her feminine throughout her work day (listen up hustlers out there!)

About Nadia Munla:Nadia is a health & sensuality coach who guides women to sensual nourishment and embodied power by helping them reconnect to their own body voice. She is immensely passionate about getting women out of their heads and into their bodies so they can feel safe, vibrant and light again.

Through her Embody dance classes, immersion workshops and one-on-one coaching, Nadia has guided women in over 5 continents in their embodiment journey. Her Embodiment Starter Kit, which you can get free at www.nadiamunla.com is a great way to start reconnecting to your body at home.

Here is where you can find Nadia Munla:
Nadiamunla.com (Grab her Embodiment Starter Kit on her site!)
The Embody Festival

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