Gluten Free Travel Essentials For Your Next Trip

We all know that traveling alone can be stressful at times. But add a gluten free diet to the mix and it can be down right frustrating!

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Everywhere you look there are sandwiches, wraps, donuts, pastries, fried foods, hot dogs and even some “healthy” snacks. It can be nothing less than daunting. Welcome to my world. : – )

I travel quite a bit and pack enough decadent goodies so that I actually look forward to settling into my seat, popping on my headphones, grabbing my snacks / lunch / dinner to land in my destination content and stress free.

Here are some easy gluten free travel foods (and other must-haves) for your next trip. All it takes is a little bit of planning.

1. Figure out how long your flight will be and what meals will you need. Is it a quick weekend in Miami from NYC or a 7 hour trip to Paris?  For less than a 3 hour flight, you may need some light snacks and maybe a yogurt. For longer trips, you will need a medium sized meal, 1 or 2 depending if you are connecting or flying for more than 12 hours.

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2.  Purchase your beverages at airport rather than bringing them from home. But don’t forget to bring your Stevia for your coffee or tea. Artificial sweeteners are everywhere! I don’t eat sugar if I can help it. Stevia comes in many different forms, both liquid ( mini bottles 0.3oz) and packets. I also bring my own decaffeinated tea and coffee.

3.  Utensils

4. Invest in small portable Tupperware

5. If you know you will be eating sushi, don’t forget your packets of gluten free soy sauce!


Sample Snacks: (All gluten free)

  • Glutino bagel chips
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  • Yogurt with baggie of granola and fresh fruit or a banana
  • Granola bars
  • Luna Bars
  • Small bags of dried apple chips or banana chips
  • Nuts and seeds mixed with raisins and m&m’s, carob chips, or cacao nibs
  • Gluten free popcorn chips or small bags of popcorn
  • Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies
  • Cut up veggies: cucumbers, mini carrots, zucchini, celery sticks


Sample Meals:

  • Chicken/egg/tuna salads- eat with bagel chips
  • Defrost frozen shrimp night before, in separate tiny container with cocktail sauce
  • Chicken cutlets prepared night before with lettuce for wrapping
  • Last nights leftovers
  • Sliced turkey, roast beef, salami (all nitrite free) with sliced cheese, eat with gluten free crackers
  • Greek yogurt or Soy or Coconut for those dairy sensitive
  • Hummus and peanut butter. Note that these are likely to be taken away when going through airport security. I believe if you had a prescription from your doctor, they may let you keep these items.

Other Essential Travel Items

In addition to my gluten-free meals and snacks, I also love a good book on my Kindle, lavender essential oil, lavender hand sanitizer, a cozy large sized pashmina, a pillow, and an eye mask. Just a few extras to make your next trip stress free and comfortable.

I’d love to hear from you!

What tips or gluten free food snacks make your trip pleasurable?

Happy travels!

Until next time,