106: Attachment Styles with Mark Groves

This week’s interview is with returning guest Mark Groves, relationship coach extraordinaire! He dishes out the wisdom on attachment styles. We begin by talking about why we settle for scraps in relationships and dating. Then we jam on:

  • What are attachment styles, exactly
  • Are you anxious, avoidant or secure?
  • Can you change your style?
  • What to do if your partner is anxious or avoidant (and what to do if you are either one, as well)
  • How to find a secure partner

About Mark Groves:
Mark Groves is a human connection specialist, an emotional translator, writer, speaker and coach.Learning how to connect with others is the single greatest predictor of success in every facet of our lives. Mark set out to discover the secrets of those who thrive in love and life so he could become one. His research became his life. Through his work Mark helps people understand their emotional matrix and how to master themselves and their words. He takes what you think you want, helps you find out what you really want, and gives you the tools to achieve your goals.

You can find Mark here:

Mark Groves on The Sacred Medicine Podcast, Episode 37

Book: Attached Amir Levine and Rachel Heller

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