Margaret Romero Nurse Practitioner From Lupus to Living

Nutritional maven, lupus whisperer….yes that’s me.  I’m Margaret Romero, an Ivy-league trained powerhouse with a keen expertise in integrative medicine and one impactful story!

Once severely ill and in the hospital, I was diagnosed with lupus and told I would be on the kidney transplant list in 5 years.For a long time, I struggled with my diagnosis. I too had hit rock bottom and placed all my power in the hands of my specialists.

But it was this life-threatening diagnosis that led me to singlehandedly find the culprit for my illness: gluten. This immense discovery transformed my life and brought me to where I am today: a vibrant, healthy entrepreneur in pursuit of all things fabulous and delicious.

My mission is to take this discovery along with the results of years of research to those women (and men) who have been walking around with their labels, tired and achy, living sub-optimal lives, and turn it all around for them!

Margaret Romero Nurse Practitioner From Lupus to Living

I walk my talk, no BS.

I walk my talk, no BS. No longer wallowing in desperation, no longer taking a slew of medications, no longer feeling sorry for myself.

Foods are my salvation, daily vitamin supplementation, my miracles. The ultimate victory was finally acknowledging that this diagnosis was a gift in disguise. Now I desire to reach out to other individuals and help them soar, despite their lupus.

No, it doesn’t have to be painful. No, you don’t have to live with pain because there are simple and healthy choices that you can make today.

From Lupus to Living is a culinary, health, and media brand founded from my combined passions for integrative medicine and food. This enables me to use the latest cutting edge integrative medical approaches for individuals with lupus as well as create healthy and tasty dishes.

She has devoted her life to not only bring health back into the lives of women suffering from lupus, but she entrances them into embracing and fully living every drop of their now magnificent lives.


Margaret A. Romero is a nationally board certified nurse practitioner. She graduated from SUNY Stony Brook with a bachelor’s of science in Biology. Her education continued to graduate school, where she attended Columbia University School of Nursing and obtained both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees.

Margaret is the creator of From Lupus to Living. After her own personal journey with lupus nephritis, she has developed a unique program that has kept her out of the hospital and off the kidney transplant list.

She happily thrives with long walks in nature, cooking, and being near the beach.

Call Margaret’s office at (347) 948-8810, or click here to send a message to Margaret.