5 Ways to Not Get The Flu This Season

It’s flu season people and there is so much hype about the strain this year. Here are a few tips to have you avoid coming down with the flu. I get asked if I get the flu shot and the answer is no. It may be appropriate for those who are elderly or who are easily susceptible to colds and flu or work in high risk areas.


1.Vitamin D- this powerhouse of a vitamin is great all year round but especially in the winter and during air travel. It helps to keep those colds at bay. Most individuals are deficient so 5000 IU per day is a good starting dose. It is important to check levels before and after you have started, the blood work is 25 hydroxy Vitamin D.

2. Probiotics- Having good gut flora is the key to having a great immune system. One dose of an antibiotic can throw off that delicate balance for months! Initially avoid FOS or inulin which at times can cause gas which will make most stop taking their daily dose. A well rounded probiotic taken upon rising and at bedtime is ideal.

3. Zinc- Here is another great supplement! Not only does it help ward away nasty bacteria and viruses, it helps with hair growth as well. Take 15 mg daily for maintenance and 30 mg if you ever start to feel run down.

4. Vitamin C- This beauty is one powerful and effective antioxidant. It lowers blood pressure and builds collagen for healthy skin and nails. During this season, it helps to boost immunity and fights against viruses, bacteria and nasty infections. Take 500-1000 mg for maintenance and up to 2000 mg per day if you are starting to feel a cold coming on. If you take too much, you may experience a little diarrhea or loose stools.

5. Wash those hands- Last but not least, this is a no brainer but some people still put fingers in their noses and/or their mouths which spreads loads of bacteria into their bodies! Keep in mind that every surface you touch has potential bacteria and/or viruses that you literally implant into your body without even realizing it.

If you have any other tips you’d like to share, comment below. And stay healthy this winter!