150: Preventing and Reversing Alzheimer’s Disease with Amylee Amos, MS, RDN, IFMCP

On today’s show, Amylee Amos, MS, RDN, IFMCP is here. She is the Founder of the Amos Institute, a Registered Dietician, and Nutritionist. Research studies show that 2/3 of women are affected by Alzheimer’s and the numbers are only growing. Dr. Amos discusses what causes this cognitive impairment and the ways to reverse them. We discuss which foods are beneficial and which ones to stay away from. She also discusses which tests can reveal if someone is at a higher risk, as well as, the labs to ask for from your doctor. Amylee is an amazing resource, check out her institute if you know someone in need of more help.

About Amylee Amos, MS, RDN, IFMCP:
Amylee is a Registered Dietitian, Nutritionist. Her graduate degree from USC is highly unique and offers a specialty in chronic illness treatment and prevention. At the Amos Institute, Amylee incorporates cutting-edge, evidence-based scientific research, with many holistic approaches that have been used for centuries. Her integrative approach to restoring cognitive health is unmatched anywhere else in the world. Because of her educational and professional background, she can help you and your family fight this devastating disease. Because of her personal history, she has the compassion to know just how important it is that you get the help you need.

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