079: Getting Over Postpartum Depression with Dr. Stefani Reinold

Dr. Stefani Reinold joins me on this week’s episode of The Sacred Medicine Podcast. Stefani is a Christian, Doctor, Board Certified Psychiatrist, Army wife, and mother of two. If that’s not enough, she is also an author and the host of the podcast Not The Typical Mom Show. In this episode, we speak on a topic that affects a growing number of women, postpartum depression. Whether you are a first time or 3rd time mom, postpartum depression can still affect you. This episode will give you the tools to managing this, at times, debilitating mental health issue.

We jammed on:

  • Some common symptoms of postpartum depression
  • The risks of depression on the baby
  • One of the easiest ways to handle mild depression
  • Various medications that may be needed
  • How your thyroid could be affecting postpartum depression
  • Which supplements can be useful

About Stefani Reinold:
Stefani Reinold is a board certified psychiatrist, maternal mental health expert, and Founder of Not the Typical Mom — a blog and podcast about the not so typical, but all too common issues of motherhood. She helps high achieving moms escape the stereotypes, find their hearts, and embrace who they really are so that they can kill it in life, love and business.

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